Former Window

The Rocks, Sydney, Australia


Flower Still Lifes

Minolta DSC

Conservatory Garden, Sydney, Australia

December (2003) saw me on my first business trip to Australia. I had a lot of fun taking obligatory shots of the Sydney Opera and the harbor bridge and just walking the streets. I got a lot of very colorful shots of unfamiliar flowers in the Conservatory Gardens, which appear to have been helped along by some injudicious use of the contrast and saturation sliders, their history lost to my early Photoshop zeal.


New Hope, Pennsylvania

Another good example of how not to play with jpegs in Photoshop. This was a leaf on someone’s deck with water beaded up on it and a little mold or fungus between the planks. It looks like I boosted the contrast, saturation and sharpening way up. It’s an interesting effect but doesn’t look like anything in this world, nor is it abstract enough to escape its representational roots.