I recently broke down and purchased a gewgaw I’ve been coveting for some time. Fuji lenses were on sale and I bought the superlative 56mm f1.2, portrait lens. Here is the very first shot I took with it, a quick snap to demonstrate to my wife the beautiful de-focusing effect of the lens wide open. Note how her eyes are in sharp focus but by the time we reach her ears the focus is already softening.

New York

Boy, Oh, Bokeh

Javits Center, New York

At this year’s Photo Plus Expo I go to borrow Fuji’s 56mm f1.2 portrait lens for a couple of hours. Here are a couple of test shots of the narrow depth of field the lens is capable of wide open. Note how the eyes and nose are in sharp focus but already by the ears the focus is softening and the backgrounds are deliciously soft. I think this will be my next lens. thanks for modeling, Woyman!