Boxed In

W 100th Street, New York

This one’s not such a great photograph technically, but it’s always been one of my favorites: my daughter crawling through a school street fair fun-house created out of decorated cardboard boxes. Also from late 2003.


Impressionist Portrait

New York

Hopefully the last of these archival ramblings. Image taken through a mottled shower door of one of my sons with, evidently, lots of color noise and other types of artifacting from poor photoshopping of the original jpeg. Back in New York and hoping to find I’ve got a few decent new images from the past week.

Boy, Oh, Bokeh

Javits Center, New York

At this year’s Photo Plus Expo I go to borrow Fuji’s 56mm f1.2 portrait lens for a couple of hours. Here are a couple of test shots of the narrow depth of field the lens is capable of wide open. Note how the eyes and nose are in sharp focus but already by the ears the focus is softening and the backgrounds are deliciously soft. I think this will be my next lens. thanks for modeling, Woyman!