Subway Candid Portrait

Times Square subway station, New York

I seem to be getting some kind of ghastly greenish-yellow bands under certain shooting conditions. I try to do some light correction but it’s pretty hard to get it right. Time to take a chance on Fujifilm repair again? I recently sent in my X-T1 to get an estimate on an annoying but operable command dial that needed cleaning. With the repair cost approaching the value of the camera I declined the repair but the camera came back with the shutter speed dial locked in Automatic making the camera something less than functional. Or time for an X-T3 or X-H1?

Cloacal Captures

While in Seattle we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and visited the historical museum. Bainbridge Island was host to a vibrant Japanese community and was the source of the first internees during WWII. They had an exhibit of portraits by Ansel Adams who later felt like his work had been misused for propagandist purposes.

Also, an exhibit of a local portrait photographer’s work in the bathroom… (space was at a premium, I guess)

Bainbridge Island, Washington


I recently broke down and purchased a gewgaw I’ve been coveting for some time. Fuji lenses were on sale and I bought the superlative 56mm f1.2, portrait lens. Here is the very first shot I took with it, a quick snap to demonstrate to my wife the beautiful de-focusing effect of the lens wide open. Note how her eyes are in sharp focus but by the time we reach her ears the focus is already softening.

New York