4 thoughts on “Stained Glass Leaves

    • Oh, I don’t know. Depends whether I’m using photography for art, in which case anything I like is fine, or documentary purposes, in which case significant alteration is wrong. The problem I have with my early work with jpegs in Photoshop is I can no longer tell what I did, so documentary’s no longer an option. It sure is a pretty picture, tho’!


      • this might be a silly question but….the only editing program I have is some Windows/Nikon thing. I ‘adjust’ some of my photos (in the very loosest sense of the word) but save my original jpeg. Are you saying you altered the original jpeg so don’t know what it looked like? Thanks, Adam. And that photo of yours is very pretty!

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  1. Yep, that’s what I’m saying. I also renamed and organized files in varying ways that don’t allow me to easily distinguish untouched, original files from their descendants. At some point I started shooting raw and that’s when things got better because you have to create jpegs to publish the image so you always know which are originals and which are derivative.

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