Living Life

C train, New York

C train, New York

I have no objection to TaskRabbit as a convenience. Sometimes busy people don’t have time for all their chores and paying somebody to take care of a few makes sense, if you can afford it. But this ad strikes me a s a little obnoxious. It seems to suggest that while you’re “living your life” of leisure others will take care of the chores for you. And, of course, when you stop to think about the so-called “sharing economy” you quickly realize it’s capitalism’s next generation: using technology to find a way to exploit the labor value of people who can no longer find jobs in the world that supply side economics has wrought. It’s of a piece with the retail chains that keep their employees in part-time, non-benefit status, on-call for the moment when their software predicts they’ll have a surge in customers and need a few hours of labor.

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