Sunrise at the Beach

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The summer isn’t complete without getting up early one morning and trundling down to the beach to catch the sunrise. More postcard clichés for your delectation!

It was a real pleasure shooting the sunrise this year with my Fuji XT-1 and meFoto tripod. The camera made it a dream to adjust shutter-speed, aperture and exposure compensation, to manually focus precisely using the focus peaking feature, align shots with auto level indicator and instantly adjusting the tripod with the ball-head controls. Everything fell to hand easily. A pleasure.


3 thoughts on “Sunrise at the Beach

    • I do follow it but I admit to not looking terribly often. I will say, while they do have their few faults and weaknesses, in general it’s been years since I worked with cameras and lenses I enjoyed so much or found so easy to use and do the things I want to as the Fujis, a brand that years ago I would probably never have considered.


      • That is interesting. I have a little Fuji FinePix (a big girl camera for me one day…) and I enjoy it. Fuji film was all I used years ago when I bought my first Pentax camera. I so loved that camera…


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